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Runners, are you struggling with Injury?

Lets get you Up and Running!


We help runners improve their stride and increase their strength so they can run faster, stay injury free, and never miss a race!

Meet Eliana Lin, DPT a former pole vaulter turned distance runner and triathlete. Witnessing numerous runners sidelined by preventable injuries, Eliana is on a mission to ensure athletes stay in the race. Having experienced the frustrations of injury firsthand, she's dedicated to transforming your running experience.

At Up and Running Performance, Eliana's passion is improving runners' form and strength, helping them run faster, stronger, and injury free. Whether you're new to running or a seasoned athlete aiming for new goals, Eliana is here for you every step of the way.


Meet Austin Lin! Austin is a former 400m runner, Ph.D. student, and husband whose caught the running bug. You may have seen him jogging around town, hitting reps at Ferry Feild, or doing hill sprints up Sunset Rd. He is also an avid weightlifter and excited to share his passions with others. He has made it his goal to help other runners with weight training so that they can stay injury free and improve their performance.



Meet Zoe Altshuler! Zoe is no stranger to the strength training as a former thrower of shot puts, discuses, and javalines. She hasn't let motherhood slow her down, as she enjoys all things outside like kayaking, biking, and hiking. As a physical theripist, she has focused on prenatal and postpartum care. She endeavors to keep eveyone active, regardless of what life throws at them.


Jason H.
"Wow! Was blown away by Eliana’s dedication to her client’s goals and success...  I was able to smash my previous half marathon time. I was able to run faster and farther without pain all thanks to her dedication, mentorship, and adaptive programming."

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